“We have been on Wander or almost a year. In that time our sales have doubled, and we can directly correlate that growth to the video segment that Wander created for us. Not only is it playing on the in-room television of hotels and resorts throughout the region, but we have also used it for our own marketing purposes. Simply put, Amelia Toffee would not be what it is today without Wander!
— Anita Cominsky | Amelia Toffee Company
Wander’s end product is astoundingly beautiful. It’s a testament to the diverse offerings that we have here at our business! Each segment they produce is completely unique and allows the profiled business to really show what makes them special – it’s a really neat way to share their story.
— Sarah Marie Johnston | Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails and Town Hall
Thank you to the guys at Wander for the beautiful video of our downtown skyline. Great job! I’m a very happy customer!
— Bryan Davis | Corporate Suite Shoppe
I sent our videos to my sales team (who usually have some opinions on anything and everything), and they came back with glowing comments only. Thanks, Wander! Beautiful work.
— Bud St. Pierre | The King & Prince Beach & Golf Resort
Wander has been a critical part of our advertising strategy for the last two years, and we’ve been extremely pleased with having a medium by which to tell our story to area travelers!
— Kiley Efron | Taverna San Marco
Wander helped me articulate my thoughts and bring out my passion about my business in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to do myself! It was a cool experience working with them, but when I saw the final segment, it moved me to tears. So well done! Our segment started running in early spring and it was the busiest season I’ve ever experienced…all thanks to Wander!
— Dennis Thompson | Adventure Kayak Florida
I got my first guest tonight who said they wanted to stop in after watching our video segment on Wander’s television channel. We always ask our guests where they heard from us, and we’re so glad it was Wander! They said they can’t wait to tell all their friends in Baltimore about Jacksonville’s Blue Bamboo.
— Dennis Chan | Blue Bamboo Restaurant & Handcrafted Cocktails